• Welcome to IND Systems
    We are a team of developers in love with technology and design. Every day we wake up to close the digital divide gap by creating amazing things
  • At IND Systems we do web design, web application & digital strategy to help companies build awesome online presence.
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  • One Of Our Happy Clients
    Here we were responsible for Digital strategy including Social Media Marketing.
  • Welcome to IND Systems
    We are a team of developers in love with technology and design. Every day we create amazing systems and make this world more beautiful

We design, web, mobile applications, UX/UI, branding and systems

We have many years s of experience working with both the private and public helping the set up formidable online presence. Without a doubt we can make your business more profitable by increasing sales through harnessing the internet to improve the way your business works

Web Development

We deliver web applications that work on multiple devices with clear and intuitive user experiences

Branding Development

We create well conceived brands which naturally connect your product with its target market.

Systems Design

Design, implementation and integration of various types of systems and conditions.

Web Hosting

Affordable, reliable and supperfast hosting services to drive you business

8 years of operation 250 projects implemented

We create web productions for our clients and we promote the modernisation of web development all around world.

About Our Company Design is our lifestyle.

We are a media design company specializing in web and print media.  We have great resources and a great team of designers and programmers. We deliver professionally-designed world standard products, having worked with a few South African companies and our affiliation with UK based design partner gives us leverage on quality and service delivery leaving all our clients happy.

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Our Skills

Web Design

Mobile Applications


Systems Deployment

Creative Team

  • Cuthbert Mahlangu
    Cuthbert Mahlangu
    Creative Director

    A passionate and versatile  entrepreneur with expertise in online strategy and enterprise optimisation  .

  • Udwin P. Moyo
    Udwin P. Moyo
    Branding Strategist

    Udwin P. Moyo is a communication expert in Branding, a Graphic Artist who uses his Skills, Talents & Capabilities to help Elevate Brands from second tier to first rate.

  • Macs Mthandazo Mahlangu
    Macs Mthandazo Mahlangu
    Digital Strategist

    Over 10 years digital strategy experience, business development, with International experience.

  • Ezra Makaza
    Ezra Makaza

    A dynamic entrepreneur with IT, sales, marketing, and people skills. Holding a degree in  publishing.

  • Bajabule Muzi Ndlovu
    Bajabule Muzi Ndlovu
    Project manager

    Liverpool John Moores  MBA graduate, with international project management experience.

  • Craig Gwamba
    Craig Gwamba

    If he is not coding, he is talking or reading about coding - PHP, Rails etc, ohh! and politics

  • Innocent Muranda
    Innocent Muranda
    UX Designer

    An obsessive perfectionist, his gut hates and never tolerates anything less than perfect.

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Web Design Tips & Advice from A to Z

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Avoid flashy multimedia. Flashy graphics and multimedia may look nice, but they can make it hard for your visitors to get the information they want from your site, especially when viewing from a non Flash compatible device. Browser compatibility. Make sure you check your page on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari & their […]

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Many successful companies, it seems, can create anything – except an effective website. I am always amazed that so many top professional firms – in manufacturing, industry, engineering, sales, and many other areas – have websites that are poorly designed, hard to navigate, impractical, and impossible for search engines to find. The same managers, who […]

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What makes a good logo? A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. There are five principles that you should follow to ensure that this is so… An effective logo is (in no particular order): Simple Memorable Timeless Versatile Appropriate 1. Simple A simple logo design allows […]

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Email: info@indsystems

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